Lauren + Nathan

“Overall we loved Jam's vibe and friendliness, it put us at ease throughout the planning and ceremony prep - she was amazing in the lead up and on the day. Every one of our guests we've spoken to since has raved about her - and we rave about her back!”

Lauren and Nath first met when their mates conspired to set them up at a friendly Aussie Day BBQ. However our stubbornly bashful lovers did not want to play along and take the bait. Therefore they played it cool in order to not give their mates the satisfaction. They’d become friends and would catch each other regularly at social gatherings and parties.

Fate would eventually step in to shake things up a little and bring our bashful lovers closer into each other’s lives. Lauren had just returned from a trip overseas, she was back in town and on the hunt for a new sharehouse. Lo and be hold the very next day Nathan declares to Facebook that his Harrison Street sharehouse is on the hunt for a new housemate. In that moment Lauren thought to herself ‘Better the devil she knows’ and promptly got in touch with Nathan. Sparks began to fly between our friendly housemates through their casual conversations around the living room. And all it took was a cheeky Hawaiian themed party and some delicious tropical rum punch to bring the sparks to flame.

For their ceremony Lauren and Nath proudly walked in together hand in hand, ready to enter into the next phase of life and marriage as one.

Marriage Celebrant: Celebrant Jam
Photographer: Lakis Sideris
Venue: East Elevation