Drew + Addie

“Having Jam around on our day was best ever. And in the lead up too. Chilled out. Fun. Professional. 10/10”

These two mega babes have the most magnificent megawatt smiles that will shine through even torrential rain during the middle of their wedding ceremony!

I loved meeting Drew and Addie at their home and getting to know them around their kitchen bench. I also had the pleasure to work alongside their dear friend Jess to deliver their wedding ceremony together. We collaborated in bringing together a ceremony that had Drew and Addie’s story told through Jess who was there from the very beginning personally witnessing something special that developed and grew between our two lovers.

On the day of the main event the unpredictable October Melbourne weather forecast was all over the place. The ceremony set up at Butler Lane in Richmond had an indoor wet weather plan in place, however the brooding skies daringly held off all day and even gave us little glimmers of sunshine at times. We triumphantly began our ceremony with Addie making her radiant entrance accompanied by both her parents.

We were about half way through the ceremony right as Drew’s sister was making an emotional reading when the waterworks started. We felt little drops of rain fall upon the crowd and by the time we had gotten some umbrellas up the light drops have gained in strength and volume. I remember looking over to Addie and she decisively signalled for a move inside. It was then all hands on deck with the brilliant staff at the Butler Lane and all the wedding guests swiftly grabbing everything within reach and rushing it out of the sudden torrential downpour. Our awesomely talented photographer Anna Taylor was able to capture all the wonderful wet chaos where our beautiful bride Addie’s signature smile carried the move inside with such grace and spirit!

Once inside we excitedly gathered ourselves and regained our feet quickly to pick things back up from where we left off. The rest of the ceremony had just as much if not more heart as our guests huddled closer together around what has become a more intimate indoor ceremony. And once we finished the ceremony and signing of the legal documents the rain clouds miraculously parted to give us clear skies. Our guests spilled back outside to form a tunnel of love for our glowing newlyweds to joyfully walk out through.

It goes to show that all you really need is love! Through rain or shine, love will come out on top and there’s nothing that could get in the way of a good celebration of love.

Marriage Celebrant: Celebrant JAM
Venue: Butler Lane
Photographer: Anna Taylor
Bride’s Dress: Karen Willis Holmes
Hair: Candi Brown
Make up: Danni McDowell
Suit: Oscar Hunt Tailors

Photography Anna Taylor

Photography Anna Taylor