Tom + Cip

“Thank you Jam for your passion and energy! You were warm, relaxed yet proffessional and made the lead-up to our wedding such a breeze. We knew exactly what to expect on the day and you absolutely nailed the ceremony. Thank you for encapsulating our story and putting so much love into the entire process. We couldn't reccomend you highly enough!'“

A pair of high school sweethearts joining their hearts and hands in marriage in spectacular fashion!

These two love birds met and fell in love as sweet 16 year olds riding the daily train to neighbouring high schools. They grew up together and survived the transition from adolescence to adulthood as well as living at opposite ends of the country when Cip moved away for her studies. They stayed true to each other through it all and once reunited they built a wonderful life together surrounded by their loved ones.

Tom and Cip’s wedding day was the perfect occasion for them to bring together all of the things that they love and share it with all of the people that they love in an ultimate celebration of their life and love. Tom and Cip are all about sustainable living and supporting their local community. So they gathered everybody for their wedding ceremony at the rooftop gardens of their local North Fitzroy library, with the after party held at their favourite bar Atticus Finch. They had thoughtfully organised catering to be provided by Melbourne Farmers Markets and put together a set of metallic reusable straws in little canvas pouches as wedding party favours for their guests. You can see their unique little touches throughout the day from the hand drawn signs to the little love hearts carefully carved out from potatoes and stamped on the bonbonniere pouches.

On the day Tom and Cip had assembled a kick ass wedding squad of 7 charming individuals who have been there for them through their daily life. And on their big day their wedding posse was TURNT, with our lady bride’s mates rocking bold red jumpsuits by Melbourne’s Oats the label that perfectly matched the vibrant blooms styled by Honesty Flora.

Our beautiful bride and groom stole the show when they joined their hands at the ceremony, they looked into each other’s eyes and read out their vows declaring their feelings and reasons for loving one another.

Marriage Celebrant: Celebrant Jam
Ceremony Venue: Bargoonga Nganjin, North Fitzroy Library
Photographer: Caroline Sada
Flowers: Honesty Flora
Food: Melbourne Farmers Markets
Music: Songbirds
Make up: Viv Roche Makeup
Hair: Steve Mazza & by.RELLA
Cake: Tuileries Cakery
Afterparty: Atticus Finch
DJ at afterparty: My Best Friend's Wedding DJs
Bride wears: Top from Japan and Skirt by Arnsdorf
Groom wears: Hugo Boss
Bride’s Mates wears: OATS the label
Groom’s Entourage wears: Jack London

Photography Caroline Sada

Photography Caroline Sada